seminaari 4A: Rinnakkaisseminaari I Parallel seminar: Building resilient portfolios in evolving investment landscape
Sorsapuisto Hall 







Tapani Piri, Managing Director, JLL

Achieving genuine diversification for investors through the real estate cycle

Craig Wright, Senior Real Estate Investment Analyst - Europe, Aberdeen Standard Investments

  • The evolution of new real estate sectors and the perils of looking backwards
  • The fund manager’s tool-box and the management of risk
  • How investible are different types of property in Europe and how can they impact performance? The case of long-income assets.
  • Meeting investor requirements: not all portfolios need to be balanced, but all portfolios need to have clear objectives

Role of geographical diversification

Hela Hinrichs, National Director, EMEA Research, JLL

  • Different investment strategies and (geographical) portfolio diversification
  • Identifying the successful cities of the future
  • Current market conditions & exploiting different phases in cycles
  • The position of the Nordic / Finnish cities in the wider European context

How does an institutional investor manage its portfolio?

Dr Ilkka Tomperi, FRICS, Investment Director, Real Estate, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company

  • Identifying and managing real estate risk in institutional investment portfolio
  • The evolving landscape / new sources for risks – how to incorporate these in investment strategy
  • Drivers for portfolio allocation decisions going forward
  • diversification across sectors / locations / investment vehicles


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